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Oscar & Viola Stewart

school for the deaf

In Liberia, a deaf child has traditionally been thought of as "less than a child", that s/he will never be able to contribute and should therefore be eliminated so there will be no embarrassment to the family. A common nickname is "Bo-Bo" (an insult to the speech-impaired). Since parents have no way to communicate with the child, they have no idea of their intelligence.

Because a Deaf child is culturally perceived as "dumb", "from the devil", and ultimately a "throw-away" kid, the general opinion is that it is not important for them to be given an education. This discrimination is apparent at every level of life.


Rev. Kofi, the Founder and President of ACFI, saw the inherent worth of these "least ones" and determined to create opportunities nearly unheard of in the country. Launched in 1996, today the Deaf Boarding School is the largest in the nation, with a fluctuating enrollment of 50-75 students, ranging in age from 2-18 years. There are 13 teachers, all trained in sign language, teaching Primary through 9th grades.


The School does not charge students for enrollment, but relies on small donations from their families, and the benevolence of friends in the USA and Canada.

The need for staff support, books and educational materials is ongoing, as ACFI continues to rescue more of these precious children.

A monthly sponsorship of $40 will feed, clothe and educate a Deaf student. Your donation will be pooled with other donations to meet the needs of all the students.

A teacher's salary of $100 per month will ensure a quality education and a bright future for all the students.

Classroom materials, such as books, paper, pencils, teaching DVDs, etc., are also needed at $25 per month.

Our sponsorship program is conducted by Christian Adoption Services,

from two locations:


**624-100 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Matthews, NC 28105 (704)847.0038  

**154 N. Winstead Avenue, Rocky Mount, NC 27804 (252)937.6560 

"CAS is so proud to be a partner with African Christians Fellowship International supporting over 250 children in two schools in Monrovia, Liberia. In 2016 with your help, we were able to send over $75,000.00 to support these children."

Classrooms and chapel (background)

Deaf students with Deb Kropf, professional interpreter and supporter of the School

Girl's dorm at the Deaf School

Making new friends!

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