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About us

ACFI was primarily established to reach the people in rural Liberia and the sub-region of West Africa with the Gospel message.  The main targeted areas  include isolated rural villages and towns, as well as crime infested urban slums  in major cities, and unreached people's groups.  The majority of the inhabitants of the nations of Africa live in abject poverty and inhumane situations without the Gospel witness.  Also, false cults, Islam and various forms of paganism and idolatry dominate the culture.  God has given ACFI the vision and mandate to take the Gospel to these people's groups as a witness and rescue mission.

During the 14 year Liberian Civil War (1989-2004), our mission expanded to include humanitarian aid, establishing orphanages and giving medical assistance. We have continued those areas of service to help bring back the infrastructure of the country.


OUR MISSION- 1) Be a Light in a dark world, 2) Serve via medical clinics, agricultural development and relief ministry, 3) Make disciples and spread the Gospel, 4) Strengthen the Body of Christ through Pastor Training, Evangelistic Outreach and our Christian College Program. 



The primary goals of ACFI are to bring Christ and the message of Salvation to the Nations  (Matt. 28:19-20).  We seek to express the love of God through service to mankind (Luke 6:35/Hebrews 13:16), and to bring the lost from darkness to light through the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

our founders:
Edward and Cecelia Kofi

Co-Founders of ACFI

Tshainfuer Edward Kofi
The Kofi Family

Founder and President of ACFI

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